2016 Equitem Knights Valley Sauvignon Blanc

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Equitem profiles the racy acidity and minerality of Knights Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Named for the Latin word for “knight,” this wine is produced from grapes grown below Mt. St. Helena in volcanic soils several hundred feet above sea level. Though made with the same techniques as Naissance, Equitem offers an entirely different experience of Sauvignon Blanc—a vibrant portrait of the knight’s leanness and grace, dominated by powerful citrus and salty stone.

“The 2016 Galerie Equitem is a pale yellow wine with a powerful aromatic intensity that shows notes of sweet vanilla bean, white wild flowers, green melon, ripe grapefruit and lime zest. Juicy in the palate and rich with a fresh, long finish. Minerality and sensuosity help define the long bouquet with well-balanced acidity.”
- Winemaker Laura Díaz Muñoz


Bulgur and Corn Salad with Avocado and Jamón Serrano

Spain’s famous jamón serrano is similar to prosciutto but nuttier and sweeter. Look for it in specialty food stores, where you may find it pre-sliced and packaged, or in delis with a premium charcuterie selection. The bright and citrusy Galerie Equitem Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect complement to all the fresh vegetables in this summery grain salad.